Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year Plans, and Reminiscing

Hey Cats and Chicks,

Preparing for the new year by total body immersion in alcohol? No? I am proud. Sick and hung over is not the way to start the new year unless you are an American. Drowning out and temporarily forgetting the rest of the country's epic mistake to elect mr. stupid to be president may be a good idea. Sometimes a new light of clarity shows through after a good chemical reset of the brain. But don't make it a habit. Are we cool on this?

I am sure there will be a report that alcohol and tobacco sales have already gone up and will continue to throughout the year. I honestly don't think he will last until summer. The man is clueless. 

The last few days have been very uneventful. My brother and his clan arrived about 11:00 am for the annual big breakfast. A bit late but fine otherwise. My brothers wife's kid has a couple of kids that tried their best to destroy the house but of course, their parents said nothing, Mom and I were constantly having to tell them No, or Stop it, but the scolding had little lasting effect This is where fucked up adults get their start.

To sum up the whole day, Mom had no idea what was going on, kids screaming, and a general cacophony.  Mom removed her hearing aids and I put in my foam hearing protectors. Things got better very quickly.

Santa, the brain dead saint that he is, has ignored my request for a Chevrolet Corvette for about 60 years now. They first came out in the year of my birth, 1953, and since I was about 2 yrs old, I have wanted one. Such are the pitfalls of growing up in a middle class family in Dallas, Texas.

My first car was a 1970 Volkswagen that I bought off of my brother, it being the unwanted chattel of his first failed marriage. Sale price in 1970, MSRP? $1919.00 The US needs to begin selling ultra stripped, no options, basic transportation again.

But a recent news story claimed that people are holding on to their vehicles much longer now days. An average of 10.5 years. High prices, very high insurance,and not so gentle interest rates are compelling more and more to hang on to the old dear. Unless you wreck the shit out of  it, or totally ignore preventative maintenance, the newer cars will last much longer than the older models. Just buy what you want, and take care of it. even repairs starting around maybe the 5 year mark, cannot be more than payments and full coverage insurance.

I have checked around and I can sell my Scion Tc for what I owe on it. I feel that as long as I am living up here and travel so little, a newish car that I do not own outright is a waste. 

Everything that I said that needs to be done, hasn't been done. Flat not repaired, belts for the accord not purchased or installed, but I did wash a load of t-shirts, panties, bras, and shorts because I was down to wearing a nightgown all day. I still haven't washed the towels or jeans or sweats. I did eat about 4 different kinds of chips, countless sodas, and watch innumerable hours of TV. I do not recommend this type of non activity unless you want to ruin your health. I also have been thinking about starting smoking again.

I have been playing some kind of guitar since about 1963. Plinking alot lately. Playing and singing, learning songs, complicated bass lines from Al Dimeola, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, and Jeff Beck songs,( I was really into jazz-fusion back in 1975-1980) re-learning 50's and 60's hits and now that we can find those elusive lyrics from those songs that we were just really guessing at,(beach boys seemed to be the worst) and irritating exactly half of my cats. Both girls go running along with their brother whenever they see me grab one off the wall or even if I just pluck a string just to see what key an unknown song is in. But Angel and Buster listen with rapt attention. My human audiences have been fickle also Split about the same percentage over the years. Only people I used to jam with or women that I was dating that were into me seemed to like my playing and singing. But my work on the bass has never been met with disapproval. Nor my guitar work. Finding someone that likes my singing is a difficult task.

Kawasaki KLR 650.

I plan to find the will and the discipline to get a good amount saved so I can buy a Kawasaki KLR 650 dual sport motorcycle. I have had dozens of different bikes over the years and I still have my '72 Honda CB 500 Four but it is becoming nearer to my heart every year and losing her in an accident

would probably be the end of her. She is totally unique, in that no one else ever made a decent 500cc four cylinder like my baby. It's the four separate exhaust pipes that give it that exclusive sound.
So you see that I need a less valuable bike that I can ride on and off the road. That is one of the things about living around here that is good, lots or dirt and gravel roads .And we have 180 acres to putt around on also.
I just wonder what kind of reaction I will get from other motorists when they see a tall girl with long blonde hair riding such a formidable bike.

The 1973 Honda XL 250 motosport.

When I lived in Cheyenne, I owned another CB 500 Four that I had bought in a sad state and did a nice restoration on her. I sold her and got a 1973 Honda XL 250 Motosport, Honda's first real effort in building a true, powerful dual purpose, 4 stroke bike. It was Honda's first bike with a 4 valve cylinder head. A bit heavy, but so nice for riding off road in the mountains west of Cheyenne. I kinda had two different groups that I rode with and the off road guys were the most fun. The street riders all rode Harleys or a Triumph or two. They all had attitudes and hated "rice burners" There was only one other guy with a Japanese bike, a friend with a Honda CB 750. We had such fun hauling ass around those old sportsters, superglides, and Triumph Bonnevilles. And in the tight mountain roads, the four cylinders couldn't be beat.
 I pulled the chain off of my XL 250 and tied the forks to my Volkswagen's bumper, and towed her back to Texas just before I was to be discharged. I had great fun with my first medium size single cylinder "Thumper". The 650 class of singles are really mega thumpers. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, all make similar bikes priced about the same and KTM, and BMW among others sell very expensive, rare, singles in the 650cc range. My last trail bike was a 1973 Honda SL 125. Fun but not really something you could ride very far from home.

!973 Honda SL 125

Anyway.  I have alienated 9/10ths of my reading audience doing this extended walk through Motorcycle stuff, so I will get the fuck out.

Y'all be nice. Love You,

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