Thursday, January 5, 2017

Facing The Facts and Having To Make Some Changes.

Hope the new year is going your way

The evil, full of hate people that the occupants of the state of texas have elected have made life not just inconvenient for LGBT persons, It has made it dangerous in Life or Death.
And don't get sick or injured if you have had an abortion.

A federal judge has ruled that by reason of religious freedom, EMT personnel, Emergency room doctors, and any other medical person can refuse to treat any LGBT person that is in need of medical help. They also horribly included any woman suspected of having had an abortion. Lay there and die. Tough shit.

These people that have made this ruling and are celebrating it, are lower than the lowest. They are violating the basic code of human decency by making this ruling. They are not fit to live on the same planet as other people.

I do not feel safe living in this state. The stupid rednecks are bad enough. The lady that I see walking around wallmart with a bible in her shopping cart, reading scripture while she shops, and gives me hateful, "you need to be killed" looks whenever she sees me, makes my public life bad enough.

I will no longer shop at that particular store. Nor will I present as female in public. A 2-3  week beard will hopefully distract persons from looking at my larger than average breasts. A sports bra will need to be purchased. Meanwhile layers and ace bandages will have to do. Otherwise, they will be a sure giveaway.

I had no problem passing for a guy for 52 years, and now with a little prep, I will now disguise myself for reasons of safety or perhaps to save my life.If I am involved in a traffic accident, I will simply be a curiosity because of my female name and breasts. By then, they will have saved my life.

I really don't want to change my name. I like this one. But male type clothing will have to be purchased. Jeans, baggy T-shirts, etc. Not that different to what my casual wear is now. Just not as fitted. Baggier. No cute shoes. That will hurt.
And my hair is blonde and very long. Perhaps make it Lt. Brown again and keep it in a ponytail. I can handle it until I can move somewhere safe. But that may not be possible until the new prez-goon is out of office. Possibly sooner is he continues to do everything wrong. But pence would be much worse. He is crazy, mean, and super religious.

So are the topics of the day. Safety. Blending in. Although I was only clocked once when I was just starting transition. And there is the bible-reader-shopper. I only saw here during daylight hours and changing stores and shopping in the evening should keep me safe.

Oh well......
Fight the Power

you will love this...

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