Monday, January 9, 2017

I Faced The Facts But I'M Going To Have Alot of Trouble Making Some Of Those Changes

Hey Boys and Girls.

I trust that you are having a fun week. If not, Take your laptop and sit in the bathtub for at least 3 hours. Works for me.

In my last blog post, I told you of the changes in my lifestyle that I was going to have to make to at minimum, be safe while living in this fucking state of texas. They have seen fit to obsess on persons that they consider to be defective or sub human. So if they get their way, medical and emergency personnel will NOT have to treat you if they consider you Transgender, or a woman recovering from an abortion. Such hateful and evil ideas can only come from the ULTRA RELIGIOUS Lt. GOVERNOR DAN FUCKING PATRICK AND HIS MINIONS. I truly wish all bad things for these eat up with "the religious right" douschebag losers.

 Relating back to my last blog entry, I have not had any problem facing the changes that I will have to make just to be able to have the same treatment in an emergency medical situation as other people. I seriously question ANY medical professional that would even THINK of denying a injured or sick person medical attention is beyond my range of imagination. Anyone that would even consider standing by and letting someone possibly DIE because they are not part of the mainstream public, is an idiot and an evil person. If they are following whatever directions they think their god is giving them or doing what they think is the current religiously correct things to do, is beyond the ideals and actions of even the most evangelical,eat up with jesus, proud of their outlandish actions, ultra religious nut.

Since when did christian values include walking over your fellow man when they are sick and injured? I don't think that is what jesus and the bible teaches. It just goes to show what evangelical zeal and group thinking will get you.

Are medical professionals going to start to check and see what is in our underwear before treating us? What of those of us that have had GCsurgey? Starts to sound like the bathroom thing. Are they going to have a monitor check everyone who needs to use the facilities before letting them?

And of course, this is the VERY FIRST AGENDA that the state is working as soon as they went back in session. They have the priorities of a child, or an angry evil person.

I don't even like the thought of any of it. I like my skinny jeans, and my long blonde hair. Having to wear men's shoes and clothes makes me feel sick. I haven't worn men's clothes in over 10  years. How can a handful of sick people who obviously think that they know what is best for everyone, except it makes a minority of people very uncomfortable, scared, and unhappy?
I guess I will wear baggy men's jeans and no makeup when I have to go out. I haven't felt this upset about anything in years.


Some of the following about texaa loutennant govener dan pactrick was ripped from wikipedia

Some background on " Dannie Scott Goeb" from Baltimore. Raised ,schooled there, went into TV and ended up doing sports in Houston. Not even a native son.

He migrated to owning several sports bars in Houston, eventually all going bankrupt due to allegations of illegal alien employees. In the 1990's, he moved on to hosting an ULTRA CONSERVATIVE RADIO TALK SHOW. Soon after his bankruptcy.

He even looks like some snakey TV preacher.
This paragraph from Wikipedia......................................
 [Patrick "reinvented himself,"[8] becoming a conservative talk radio host in the 1990s.[10] He hosted a conservative radio talk show. The program, Dan Patrick & Friends, was broadcast in Houston on KSEV 700 AM and in Dallas on KVCE 1160 AM.[11][12] Patrick grew very successful and influential through his talk radio career[8][10] and earned high name recognition.[8] As a talk radio host, Patrick advocated for fiscal conservatism, evangelical Christian values on social issues, and he became a very vocal opponent of illegal immigration.[8] One notable decision Patrick made as the owner of a talk radio program was to sign Rush Limbaugh, who was not well known at the time, on his radio station.[10]

 His tenure in politics in texas has included supporting cruz and trump, and immediately upon election as a state senator, he immediately introduced legislation to make abortion illegal in the state. His other laundry list of oppositions include campaigning for rick perry, and creating the texas branch or the tea party. He passionately campaigned for better schools as texas has an average 25% dropout rate (50-55% in inner cities) He did nothing.He is in full support on the wall with Mexico, He was a champion of the "Open Carry" laws passed in the state, he is opposed to all abortion and had mandated ultrasounds for women before abortions, is on a new law to try to establish creationism as part of public school curriculum, he is a staunch fiscal conservative, has opposed illegal immigrants, and has vociferously been an advocate of denying all LGBT persons, same sex marriages, and domestic partners and rights under the law. he is on his second marriage and 3rd name change. He was the campaign chairman for trump with texas only siding for trump by about 9 percent.

So as you see, this nutjob is going to continue to take away the rights that his evangelical beliefs show him to be chosen to do. It will never be any better in texas as long as Austin is full of these freaks that the uninformed and pseudo conservative christians of the state continue to vote into office. Texas will be screwed up for decades.

This is what we have to deal with for the foreseeable future. And a hearty thanks to the religious conservative voters who voted these ringers in office. Makes you wonder if they would have voted for them if they knew what they stood for. UNFORTUNATELY I CAN almost guarantee they knew what they were doing.......... "you know those fags and nancy boys need to be squashed like the bugs that they are".......... You have no idea unless you have hung around these mouth breathing losers.
Love, Julia

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