Saturday, February 4, 2017

Revolution is in the air.

Hey peoples

I hope your January passed without too much pain.

Nothing new here. TV Dr Pepper. DVR, Chips, the usual

I have altered one part of my life.
I no longer watch hardly any news, especially local (Dallas) and cable news.(but I do miss Rachel)

Try reading the headlines daily on

Someone (gill scott-heron, 1970) once said "The Revolution will not be televised"
But the end of the United States will.

WE have seen some spark of revolution with all of the record setting protests around the world over the actions of our new fearless leader. These are sparks of a true revolution. But civil disobedience and must ensue along with bloodshed before anything will change

Some say that he will grow tired of signing things and fucking up the country. He has shown that major damage can be done in just a relatively few days of his four year pass to inflict pain and suffering on the great , apparent by now, stupid public, and it will take alot more than a few protests and marches to change anything.

We are living in historic times. Books will be written about all of this. Students will study it.

History is repeating itself, but this time in a new, much more evil, helpless, possibly nuclear way.

The end of our world is nearer now than when Nikita Khrushchev was running things in the old USSR. At least President Kennedy wasn't trying to pal up with him just to get some compliments.

EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM AND HIS ADMINISTRATION IS misinformed, not serious, ill conceived, reckless, mean spirited, and incredibly selfish in that he just intends for rich republicans to get richer.

I believe the shit will hit the fan when he cuts Social Security, Medicare, amd other social services that allow the poor, disabled, aged, and unfortunate children attempt to live a life of dignity.

When those social services are cut, grandparents will be driving to Washington, D.C. to personally remove him from office.

I only pray that we live through the violent changes and are alive to live in the post trumpf world where things will be corrected and we will restore the checks and balances of a democracy. I hope good sense, and a world of tolerance will ensue.

But to say it will be bumpy is putting it very mildly. He may quit when the going gets tough, as when he realises that he is hated, or he may fight all the way through his impeachment.

But then we have pence to deal with. IN some ways, he is much worse. See the article in the current Rolling Stone.

Anyway, My HP15 computer terminal is terminally ill. It has completely lost its mind a few times lately, for no reason, and it did not just do a restart, but it called HP and did a complete reinstall of all systems just as when it was new. Automatically. I trust it no longer. I will have to find something much more stable and hardy. These cheap things are for kids and losers. I am too old for this shit. reloading 1400 songs and configuring everything is just too much, You just lose too much info, pics, favorites, etc.

Don't let the news get you down. I hope it is because if you are ill informed and oblivious to our situation, you are a big part of the problem we have.

Love, Julia

Watch this.

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