Monday, March 13, 2017

Where did my blog for Mar-11-17 go on T-Central?......Cloudy Days......

Hey Kids.

I posted my latest blog entry yesterday, Sunday and it wasn't picked up on T-Central. Anyone know?

I have been thinking about learned responses to external stimulus that can change out moods and set us up for a day or period sadness, anger or any other little thing.

What got me to thinking about this were my mothers moaning and bitching about "Another Dreary Day" You would think after nearly 93 years that she would have learned to function on sad , overcast, or perhaps Mondays. Why?

I know that some people have negative and sad days because being reminded of some personal trauma on a particular date, holiday, or such.

But anywhere anyone lives has sunny and overcast skies with an occasional bad weather event. We have always had those in north Texas. Good and bad things can happen on any type of day.
The reason I bring this up is that the weather never has any bearing on what my mood will be.

I can remember happy days with cloudy skies and all other combinations. Being Bi-Polar, I don't need any external stimulus to send me cartwheeling back into bed. I simply wake up and hate everything and wish I were dead. No Clouds Needed.

I have no hypothesis for why some people experience depression and anger on overcast days. There are simply too many days od varying weather for just one or two negative events that simply happened to program someone to be "sad" on a "dreary day"

Just a puzzle. An observation. Don't let some clouds ruin your day.

Love, Julia 

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