Friday, June 16, 2017


Hey strangers. How you been?

I doubt that only 20-40 of you that have read my blog entries over the last two years that I have been writing them, But there was a story line that I was writing about living in Texass and being frightened to go out and do what's necessary in public. We have a bunch of really pious, extra religious idiots (Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick) running things down in Austin. They really hate LGBT people and are very concerned about where we transgender people go to piss. Someone has to save the women and children from the hoards of trans-people staking out bathrooms all over the state, hiding in the stalls, ready to pounce on their loved ones. Even writing these words in jest causes a wave of puzzlement to flow over my mind. Who are all of these people who like to dress up as women, hide out, and attack women. Why? Has this ever happened? Has no one ever looked at the lives of transgender women?(I wrote this blog entry over 3 months ago.)

WE girls go to extraordinary lengths to look as female as possible so we can blend in seamlessly with the general population. This takes years of work, money, training, and enough courage to move an aircraft carrier fast enough to water ski behind. Some girls are lucky enough to figure out that they are trans when young. Observation has shown that it is easier to transition, the younger you begin. Youth has it's advantages. It gets more difficult the older you are when you begin. I began when I was 50. But good genes were on my side and I feminised quite easily over the years and never seemed to draw any unnecessary looks or anger. I had enough naturally feminine mannerisms and gestures to dovetail nicely into my new image and persona. I never felt that I was acting, I was just being myself and not having to try to remember to try to act manly. I was never any good at it and it was so easy to just relax and embrace my new feminine image and allow myself to grow into the woman that I apparently was meant to be.(see my Jan 19 blog, I faced the facts.....)

But the ignorant know it all's in our state government (Texas) have decided to make things tough on all of us who are different and dare to challenge the norms of what they and society has determined to be acceptable as far as gender and appearance are concerned. Because they can't possibly begin to understand what it is like to feel like that they would be more comfortable allowing themselves to even imagine that they might be happier living their lives as someone of the opposite sex/gender.
People that I have come out to have all declared that they have NEVER imagined or ever wanted to be/live their lives as a person of the opposite sex. Never even crossed their minds. If this is true of the general population, then it is going to be virtually forever to get to the point to where the government and it's legislature will ever let transgender people live and be accepted.
Not in my lifetime.

Julia Marshall

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