Friday, February 16, 2018


We let this devil of a person get elected. We have been standing by while he eviscerates our country and our democracy.


Some people that voted for him actually think his actions are good. That our country needed to be ripped up and shit on, They still support him. They are not true patriots if they wish to see our way of life ended. They are the traitors. The @ 30% of the lowest losers, pissed off  low information people. The stupid people that are easily manipulated. Who believe talk radio gurus. Who have such a weak base of education that they are easily swayed by every carnival barker who shouts their way. The stupid, sports fans(just some,not all)beer drinking, truck driving, wife beating slack jawed losers that were personally so pissed off at their lost , unhappy lives, that they thought that it would be a good thing to elect a person who "Said" that they were the same. That he understood them. Total dog shit.

Yes, he is like the uneducated losers that elected him in that they have that chip on their shoulder that only they could have put there by living a shallow, vengeful, angry life where they blame every one else for the way their lives have turned out. I say go stand if front of a mirror for a few hours and you will see who the problem is.

The good and educated people of this country had better find a way to get rid of this one man enemy of ours. He has no place in this world. He has become a disease that has invaded our government, Like those people that will not go to the doctor to see what is causing that pain in their gut until the cancer has eaten it all up.

Don't wait. The time to revolt is now. Find your inner voice and inner patriot and rise up and rid our country of this cancer that will surely kill us,.... before it is too late.

Do something. Everyone has a responsibility.   Find a way.

Trans issues, personal and otherwise, must take a back seat until we are sure we have a country and a home to return to every night. Our country is the main issue until he is gone and some normalcy returns. 

Julia Marshall

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