Friday, November 25, 2016

Shame The Devil

Robin Trower wrote this back in 1975. It is so relevant today. We all know who the devil is. You asked for it, you got it. Well, the "Low Information Voters" did. It will get worse.
Here is some hope.

Theres a time, for living
And a time for love
Theres a time, for forgiving, yall
And a time to shove
Ohh theres more, won then lost
More hoping here to spare
And its waiting, waiting
Don't ya spend your whole life hesitating
Come and tell the truth
Shame the devil

Theres more, light then dark
Honey shining down on you
More despair, then what you got
And baby you'll need the truth
This whole world, has had enough
Of people giving up
And its waiting, waiting
Don't you spend your whole life hesitating
Come on tell the truth
Shame the devil

And its waiting, waiting
Don't spend your whole life hesitating
Come on tell the truth
Shame the devil
Don't you know that its waiting, ah waiting
Don't you spend your whole life hesitating
Come on, let loose
Shame the devil

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Family,....Everyone,.... They Knew. About 50 Years Before I Knew.......

Hey Y'all

I hope you have recovered sufficiently from the nightmare that happened last Tuesday. Anyone in the UK or Canada feel like renting me a room for at least the next four years?
I know that I am going to get tired of swimming around in this toilet soon and other than locking myself away for the next  4-8 years, I am clueless.

The random acts of antisemitism and anger against the LGBT community will continue and surely get worse. Churches, and Mosques are being vandalised and no one seems to give it a second thought. I haven't been out of the house in weeks. I live in mega redneck country. They are heavy in hatred and ignorance, and off course the beer cooler is always full, but they are very light in education, life skills, and there aren't many diplomas to be seen anywhere. They don't need no schoolin to know how to get drunk, or to beat the shit out of someone. They especially don't like anyone who isn't like them.
I promise you as soon as you put one of these things on your head, you will lose 50 I.Q. points

It seems that the new administration hadn't thought things through before doing what they did to get the job. Now they are faced with running a country and from what I have seen and heard today, they are absolutely clueless. His wild ideas and lack of direction will most likely hurt the very same people who were so enthusiastically vulgar about getting him elected.

Choosing a good, safe time to visit the local Valdemoort has become foremost in my mind. During the daytime is when the most people are there and it is when I have gotten the most hateful looks and unkind words from the locals. Evenings seem better. That is when most of the local minorities, misfits, unwed mothers, and beer buying fuckups seem to be in the store. 
And I assure you these do not increase I.Q. points.

Anyway, I got the new HP and it seems that this model seems to have problems with overheating. That is to be expected because the cooling fan has never come on since I have had it. I dread sending it in for repair even though I know it is probably a software problem. Shit,

Getting to the story about the heading here, it was so obvious that my parents and others knew that I was different from a very early age. I have extensively reviewed my life. When I was a kid, I never did the usual boy shit. nothing. I was content to learn the piano, guitar, and I was also a crazed nIt at xmas time. I decorated everything. I was insatiable. But 1972 xmas season was my last with the decorating and the big  fir tree. And the innocence. I knew I was about to get drafted.

My brother is 6 years older than I am. He was not a sports nut, rarely tossing a ball around with the neighbor kids his age. But by most accounts, he was never suspected of being less than all boy. I, on the other hand, gave no one any signals other than I was going to grow up and be a gay man. My parents never asked me if I wanted any sports equipment, and my brother, nor anyone else never invited me to toss a ball around. They knew. Yes, they knew.
This is what your brain looks like after a lifetime of tossing these around.

I remember Thanksgiving and xmas days that my mothers entire local family would gather at my grandparents house way on the other side of Dallas near Love field.  This was a 45 minute drive for us as we lived on the extreme east side of Dallas.

There are nine kids in my mom's family. Dozens of cousins, and a loud television tuned the Dallas Cowboy game (at least since 1962. Before then, I know they watched something but I have no clue.) MY grandfather was born in 1888 so in 1960, that would have made him 72 years old. He was always old, white headed, and deaf as a gourd. Hence, the loud Television. LOUD.

My grandfathers house had an empty home lot next to his house that he owned. It was a great place for football. ALL of my cousins loved to play ball in that safe, not in the street, place every holiday. I was nowhere to be seen. Actually, some of my female cousins would gather in a bedroom and talk and I always seemed to ease my way in with them and sit quietly. There was  absolutely nothing else I could do other than help the women prepare the holiday feast. Little boys weren't invited into the kitchen. And there was no way I was going to hang out anywhere near the LOUD TV.

A few years, I do remember walking up and down the street, just to get away from the noise. It did give me a chance to check out my relatives current cars, The only time I was to be found and fetched into the house was when the meal was ready. This holiday ritual went on from sometime in the mid 1950's until I went away in January, 1973. I don't remember any further holiday tortures after I was out of the USAF. I am sure their were some but I was busy working, and living in my own place  in Dallas. My grandfather held on until 1980. My mother is the only child that has outlived him. She will be 93 in March.

Our family was never really very close. I never saw anyone other than at the holidays. My mothers oldest sister and her family were very close with ours and we went on many vacations, excursions, and weekend cookouts. I learned alot about cooking barbecue and all of the wonderful side dishes that mom and my aunt would cook up. I still make those special dishes regularly. My aunt and uncle were wonderful to me as was their son who was my brother age. He was much like a second brother to me.

The block where I grew up was mainly filled with girls. This was great until a guy close to my age moved in when I was about 13. We spent countless hours sitting in lawn chairs, under our big Pecan tree, playing guitar and talking about girls. We were obsessed with butts and boobs and making out and learning the latest song on the radio. I remember alot of Guess Who, Creedence, and Beatle songs. He had a $10 guitar from K Mart and I had a $19 Sears guitar. We played those monsters until the windings came off the strings and because of the poor workmanship, we had the worlds toughest callouses on our fingers. My grip on my left hand was incredible. Then we only would buy one new string. That lawn mowing money didn't go very far.
I played it until the frets went flat

Danny was a sportsman and a gifted baseball player. His summers were becoming more filled with baseball stuff until about 1971 when they moved. Their house was the house on our block that was never owned by anyone and was always rented out. Soon, I was working alot, and getting ready to graduate High School.

It seemed the older I got, the less it was pointed out that I was a non sports person. I was proud to be different. I loved girls, and I was becoming quite the car mechanic. I am sure the no sports, girls, and mechanics thing confused more than a few people.I thought it was a nice combination.

Anyway, another peek into my past. I hope some of you can relate. Those same cousins are the same ones that have now excommunicated me from all others. I honestly think that they would have been more friendly to me if I had robbed a bank or some other felony. Turning into a felon they could understand. Not turning into a woman.

At least try to be nice to people you meet and work with.

Love, Julia

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Life as we knew it may soon end. Dumbpf and nuclear weapons. A Lethal mix.

A living nightmare has occurred. The idiots, stupid fucks, and pissed off losers have elected  one of their own. With a house and senate all red, he will be unfettered to destroy our country and democracy as an invading army could possibly do. But he will do it in plain view for the world to see.

Yes Hillary is a bad candidate. She has faults and a shitty record. Not perfect.  But she would have at minimum, led the country toward a continued prosperity. She knows government. She was qualified.

He is qualified for nothing. Since when do people hire someone to the highest office in the country, a person with no experience, and no real desire to make life better for all of us. He's in it for the applause. But I am afraid that  the applause will soon turn to hatred and death threats as soon as Joe Sixpack gets a taste of how he and pence will fuck up the country for probably all but the richest assholes.

Foreign leaders have all denounced him. They all think that our country has gone crazy. And the new prez's supporters were crazy to start with. Uneducated, angry, and unhappy that all of the menial labor jobs are all overseas. That can be blamed on the corporations greed to make more profit so stockholders will get richer. The rich and their lawmakers that they bought seats for in the congress, will do the bidding of their owners, the richest campaign contributors, usually large corporations. They will continue to move jobs offshore, make obscene profits, and pound the common people into the ground.

The social and economic storm that approaches will be unprecedented. Building walls, hauling off entire groups of people, both Muslim and illegal aliens, and the budget projections for all of his wild programs will put us in debt to a level perhaps quadruple of our own massive current debt.

Get rid of the social security program, gut education funding (one of the reasons we have a country of morons now),  and whatever other social programs that people need to stay alive and keep their dignity. The sheer hate and venom shown by the winning people will grow, and it will infect the mild and moderate of us as society begins to become more dog eat dog and no one will care. Everyone will be fighting for their next meal and whats left of their lives as chaos and hatred builds like a chain reaction until we have a true revolution. Even the so called winning team tonight will grow to regret their actions by electing this beast of a man. He will drag all but the richest down to a scared and angry society probably ruled by martial law. Those gun lovers with their AR-15's and massive rounds of ammo will quickly fall to a platoon of Marines or an Army squad in a tank or armored personnel carrier. The military has the firepower. Joe shotgun will not last 10 minutes.

But the most horrendous possibility that now exists is old donny getting offended, which happens daily it seems, and he flies off the handle and rolls out the military to some innocent country overseas and starts a war of some type, or the nightmare scenario, he will have all of our nuclear forces at his command.

I need not tell you that if a nuclear exchange begins, we all lose. All society in the northern hemisphere will either be exterminated, or if the exchange is limited to a few , and I mean 5 or so weapons, the poisoning of our air, water, and the death of food crops, and animals will soon starve us all.

I have been a scholar of all knowledge I can find about nuclear weapons and their effects. I was born just 8 years after we ended WW2 with 2 weapons. They were firecrackers compared to what we have now. Most people have not been exposed to photos and films of the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was more than horrific. Those of you younger than me do not remember the scare of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Nor did you grow up with the spectre of total annihilation like we did during the cold war. It was scary in the 1960's.

But my experience working on Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in 1973-1975 put a shock and fear into me and changed my life forever.

I was a very aware, and a smart kid back then at the age of 9-10 and I studied about the effects of a possible nuclear war. I knew what to expect. I watched informational films about building a fallout shelter at your home. Fallout is all of the dirt and shit that gets sucked up into the nuclear fireball, becomes highly irradiated, and it "Falls Out" of the sky in various concentrations, for miles around ground zero. It will kill you. Ingesting any of that crap will cause a horrible death from within as all of your systems are killed by the radiation.

Back in the early 1970's, the government stopped designating fallout shelters in public buildings, and stopped educating people how to build fallout shelters or even how to get in your car and flee the big cities. The new, smaller, easier to launch hydrogen weapons were so powerful, that being in a shelter was useless. So was running away to the next county. Maybe a few hundred miles away would help but since an ICBM launched from anywhere can reach it's target in less than 30 minutes, there is no use in running, or hiding. Now days they say the people killed instantly will be the lucky ones. Those with radiation sickness will die agonizing deaths.

I will leave you with this. There have been alot of movies, and such over the years that have shown missiles being launched that the people doing the launching somehow had a "Destruct" button that could be pushed and the freshly launched missile would harmlessly blow up. Please know that it is pure Hollywood. When a missile is launched, it will reach its target, 100% accurate and 100% reliable. Our missiles have been upgraded over the years since I worked on them and since they have solid fuel, and are always ready to launch, .....just know that they always work. They carry our latest nuclear warheads. And there is no recalling them. No way. Ever. The guys that actually turn the keys in the launch control facilities will perform their duty, no matter who the president is. They are that well trained. They will kill millions, without any hesitation. These men and women have been watching and waiting for the call to launch since about 1962 when the first missiles came on line. Two people can launch up to 50 missiles if needed.  Each 10 missiles have their own launch crew. They are linked to another 4 crews and they monitor each other constantly. If need be, two people can launch them all. And their is no calling them back.

I believe that there will be some grassroots efforts to impeach the president before he can kill us all, Join that movement. This madman, Mr. easy going, no temper idiot will burn us all to a crisp just because his buddy Putin insulted him. He is easily insulted. God Help Us.

I don't know what to say than it will be sad if the ignorant and pissed off public ends life as we know it. It can happen so easily. Stay aware but realize that  there is no hope if a war starts.
Love your family, and dog, and car, and life even more now because we may so easily lose it all in a flash of an exploding Thermonuclear weapon. Get your life in order NOW. I am not kidding here.

Love, Julia

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Finally

Hi everyone.

Hope you are ok

Sick of candidates esp cry baby donnie. Many books will be written about his psychoses.  He needs a few years in a rubber room. His whining will get worse after he loses. Blame every one as a cheater. Whole country corrupt. everyone is lying. What a loser.

After last blog entry, I got older and now got a new comm. terminal. HP again.

I have been dealing with my shattered kneecap. The same one that dislocated in '73 and '74 that got me a discharge from USAF. But this hurts much more than the dislocation events and the subsequent surgery.

But I will have really buff arms after 6  weeks of crutch use.

Reminds me of the bad old days. I got quite good on them back in '73-'74. Fast. Not now.
I hate this windows 10 so far.

I had to get my brother to shop for me and mom. It would have been easier to pull pin feathers out with your fingers.

You see, he is busier than everyone else. I finally was asking him if I could pay someone ttake me to the store. After a bunch of ridiculous ideas, he finally woke up and went sunday afternoon. Half ass job he did after my detailed list was accepted and he was off.

You can't drive with a long cast and a 5 speed in my Scion. He suggested I drive my 79 Pontiac with an auto trans. It currently has a bad power brake booster. Takes both legs to stop. New vacuum booster sits on the floorboard, uninstalled. Been there over year.

I will be driving it to the polls tomorrow.. 8 miles of rural roads to the local methodist church.

this hp is malfunctioning badly. The cursor dissappears and I can only type a character every 5 seconds or so.

I am out of here.

lv, Julia