Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year Plans, and Reminiscing

Hey Cats and Chicks,

Preparing for the new year by total body immersion in alcohol? No? I am proud. Sick and hung over is not the way to start the new year unless you are an American. Drowning out and temporarily forgetting the rest of the country's epic mistake to elect mr. stupid to be president may be a good idea. Sometimes a new light of clarity shows through after a good chemical reset of the brain. But don't make it a habit. Are we cool on this?

I am sure there will be a report that alcohol and tobacco sales have already gone up and will continue to throughout the year. I honestly don't think he will last until summer. The man is clueless. 

The last few days have been very uneventful. My brother and his clan arrived about 11:00 am for the annual big breakfast. A bit late but fine otherwise. My brothers wife's kid has a couple of kids that tried their best to destroy the house but of course, their parents said nothing, Mom and I were constantly having to tell them No, or Stop it, but the scolding had little lasting effect This is where fucked up adults get their start.

To sum up the whole day, Mom had no idea what was going on, kids screaming, and a general cacophony.  Mom removed her hearing aids and I put in my foam hearing protectors. Things got better very quickly.

Santa, the brain dead saint that he is, has ignored my request for a Chevrolet Corvette for about 60 years now. They first came out in the year of my birth, 1953, and since I was about 2 yrs old, I have wanted one. Such are the pitfalls of growing up in a middle class family in Dallas, Texas.

My first car was a 1970 Volkswagen that I bought off of my brother, it being the unwanted chattel of his first failed marriage. Sale price in 1970, MSRP? $1919.00 The US needs to begin selling ultra stripped, no options, basic transportation again.

But a recent news story claimed that people are holding on to their vehicles much longer now days. An average of 10.5 years. High prices, very high insurance,and not so gentle interest rates are compelling more and more to hang on to the old dear. Unless you wreck the shit out of  it, or totally ignore preventative maintenance, the newer cars will last much longer than the older models. Just buy what you want, and take care of it. even repairs starting around maybe the 5 year mark, cannot be more than payments and full coverage insurance.

I have checked around and I can sell my Scion Tc for what I owe on it. I feel that as long as I am living up here and travel so little, a newish car that I do not own outright is a waste. 

Everything that I said that needs to be done, hasn't been done. Flat not repaired, belts for the accord not purchased or installed, but I did wash a load of t-shirts, panties, bras, and shorts because I was down to wearing a nightgown all day. I still haven't washed the towels or jeans or sweats. I did eat about 4 different kinds of chips, countless sodas, and watch innumerable hours of TV. I do not recommend this type of non activity unless you want to ruin your health. I also have been thinking about starting smoking again.

I have been playing some kind of guitar since about 1963. Plinking alot lately. Playing and singing, learning songs, complicated bass lines from Al Dimeola, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, and Jeff Beck songs,( I was really into jazz-fusion back in 1975-1980) re-learning 50's and 60's hits and now that we can find those elusive lyrics from those songs that we were just really guessing at,(beach boys seemed to be the worst) and irritating exactly half of my cats. Both girls go running along with their brother whenever they see me grab one off the wall or even if I just pluck a string just to see what key an unknown song is in. But Angel and Buster listen with rapt attention. My human audiences have been fickle also Split about the same percentage over the years. Only people I used to jam with or women that I was dating that were into me seemed to like my playing and singing. But my work on the bass has never been met with disapproval. Nor my guitar work. Finding someone that likes my singing is a difficult task.

Kawasaki KLR 650.

I plan to find the will and the discipline to get a good amount saved so I can buy a Kawasaki KLR 650 dual sport motorcycle. I have had dozens of different bikes over the years and I still have my '72 Honda CB 500 Four but it is becoming nearer to my heart every year and losing her in an accident

would probably be the end of her. She is totally unique, in that no one else ever made a decent 500cc four cylinder like my baby. It's the four separate exhaust pipes that give it that exclusive sound.
So you see that I need a less valuable bike that I can ride on and off the road. That is one of the things about living around here that is good, lots or dirt and gravel roads .And we have 180 acres to putt around on also.
I just wonder what kind of reaction I will get from other motorists when they see a tall girl with long blonde hair riding such a formidable bike.

The 1973 Honda XL 250 motosport.

When I lived in Cheyenne, I owned another CB 500 Four that I had bought in a sad state and did a nice restoration on her. I sold her and got a 1973 Honda XL 250 Motosport, Honda's first real effort in building a true, powerful dual purpose, 4 stroke bike. It was Honda's first bike with a 4 valve cylinder head. A bit heavy, but so nice for riding off road in the mountains west of Cheyenne. I kinda had two different groups that I rode with and the off road guys were the most fun. The street riders all rode Harleys or a Triumph or two. They all had attitudes and hated "rice burners" There was only one other guy with a Japanese bike, a friend with a Honda CB 750. We had such fun hauling ass around those old sportsters, superglides, and Triumph Bonnevilles. And in the tight mountain roads, the four cylinders couldn't be beat.
 I pulled the chain off of my XL 250 and tied the forks to my Volkswagen's bumper, and towed her back to Texas just before I was to be discharged. I had great fun with my first medium size single cylinder "Thumper". The 650 class of singles are really mega thumpers. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, all make similar bikes priced about the same and KTM, and BMW among others sell very expensive, rare, singles in the 650cc range. My last trail bike was a 1973 Honda SL 125. Fun but not really something you could ride very far from home.

!973 Honda SL 125

Anyway.  I have alienated 9/10ths of my reading audience doing this extended walk through Motorcycle stuff, so I will get the fuck out.

Y'all be nice. Love You,

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Disease or Disorder?

I have mood swings. The professional types call it Bi-Polar Disorder. They now also call transsexualism/transgender a disorder. I call it fucked for life. Either disorder is a bitch to live with alone but together, it is beyond livable.

And just what is the definition of a disorder?

A disturbance of function or structure, resulting from a genetic or embryological failure in development or from exogenous factors such as poison, trauma, or disease.


An abnormality, alteration, or derangement. See Antisocial personality disorder, Anxiety disorder, Asperger disorder, Arousal disorder, Attention deficit disorder, Autistic disorder, Bipolar disorder, Body dysmorphic disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Central auditory processing disorder, Chromosome disorder, Compulsive personality disorder, Conversion disorder, Cruise-associated diarrheal disorder, Cumulative trauma disorder, Delusional disorder, Dependent personality disorder, Depersonalization disorder, Depressive disorder, Developmental disorder, Disease, Dissociative identity disorder, Dysthymic disorder, Eating disorder, EBV-associated lymphoproliferative disorder, Endometrial disorder, Expressive language disorder, Factitious disorder, Functional disorder, Gender identity disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder, Hearing disorder, Histrionic personality disorder, Identity disorder, Internet addiction disorder, Iodine deficiency disorder, Language disorder, Late luteal phase dysphoric disorder, Lymphoproliferative disorder, Major depressive disorder, Martha Stewart disorder, Mendelian disorder, Mental disorder, Motor speech disorder, Movement disorder, Multiple autoimmune disorder, Multiple personality disorder, Musculoskeletal disorder, Myeloproliferative disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder, Neurodegenerative disorder, Neurogenic communication disorder, Neurotic disorder, Nonmendelian disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, Panethnic disorder, Panic disorder, Partial syndrome eating disorder, Passive-aggressive personality disorder, Post-transplantation lymphoproliferative disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, Psychotic disorder, Reactive attachment disorder of infancy or early childhood, Reading disorder, S-100–positive T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder, Schizoid personality disorder, Seasonal affective disorder, Seizure disorder, Sexual pain disorder, Shared psychotic disorder, Silicone-reactive disorder, Single gene disorder, Sleep disorder, Sleep terror disorder, Smell disorder, Somatization disorder, Speech disorder, Swallowing disorder, Syndrome, Taste disorder, Thought disorder, Throat disorder, Thyroid disorder, Urea cycle disorder, Urologic disorder, Voice disorder, X-linked disorder.

AS you can see, the medical community have been discovering disorders at a rapid speed. It seems that a disorder can not only be a mental thing but a whole body system myriad of disorders.
Basically, anything or system that doesn't work perfectly, is a disorder.

Which leaves diseases and trauma.
Did a pathogen or some kind of trauma cause me to be this way?

Or was it because  I was BUILT BROKEN? 

I was born this way. I did nothing to cause myself to change into a disordered person. I remember being a recluse and being sad for no reason as long as I can remember. I remember my early childhood very well.

The sad thing is that the medical community is slow to understand disorders. They used  to think that some diseases were caused by an "Ill Wind", or demons, or the devil. Even when the medical community agrees on a new way of describing  something or figuring out that people can be wild and depressed for no other reason than that their brain chemistry changes, but no one can see that change, So they are grouped together in the type of people to avoid. They used to lock mental patients up forever. Not that long ago either.

As far as gender disorders, the medical community are just now starting to do some solid research. Early findings are that people can be born with a brain that doesn't match their assigned sex. Try to get your average Joe to understand that.

Our schools do an abysmally poor job of teaching children how to function in the world. There are some basic truths and knowledge that every child leaving high school should know.
Here are some things that no one ever taught  my generation.

How to prepare food to minimally survive.
How to plan a budget for your household.
How to manage money as far as purchases and Interest rates, and mortgages, are concerned.
How to shop wisely and not get taken to the cleaners.
How an automobile works. Basic car safety checks, tire air pressure, oil level, coolant, etc..
How electricity works, audio systems, amplifiers, speakers, etc
How to plunge a stopped up toilet.
How the opposite sex is different physically and mentally.
How to treat others.
Or maybe some skill or trade so we could feed ourselves after our parents kicked us out.

Most of these things can be taught over a childhood period of time by a loving and caring parent(s). In school, we were mostly told to shut up, and do menial assignments. Being quiet was paramount. 

There are generations of young people who don't know how to do jack shit. I have cousins in their late 30's that don't even know basic history. I tell them to watch mythbusters, How it's made, and Diners, drive in's and dives. And all documentaries about 20th century history.
If you don't how we got here, how can you prepare yourself for the future?

I am still marooned here in this house with a eternally pissed off mother, and this is not the situation a person of my brain malfunction should be.

more later
Love, Julia

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Xmas Eve Things.

Hey. I hope you are not too exhausted. Have another drink.

I have Re-Activated all of my previous blog entry's. Even the one about the pre -op-non-op girl and sex. It is explicit.

This "Built Broken" HP 15 laptop is continuing to give me fits. The touch pad is intermittent and unreliable. I have tried cleaning it and using different techniques with it but I am going to probably plug in the little adapter that I used for my wireless keyboard /mouse that I had used with my last HP 15 when the space bar went out. This ones is occasionally omitting a space that I punch in. Actually, I glide over the keyboard very silently. Some folks seem to hammer away on the keys.
Also, whenever I am on a web page that has an Adobe Flash feature, My scrolling ability to move the page down just stops. I can go to the task manager and shut off the Flash feature on that page and it is smooth scrolling afterwards. But it only stays off until the page calls for it to start running again. On my last HP15, I got tired of that and uninstalled all of the Flash Player. It was just eating up too much processor power. This unit has a Pentium and the last one has an AMD processor. I see no difference. They both max out when Flash is running. My next laptop, which will be coming sooner than later, will have a much better processor. And more Ram also. The 500gb hard drive is rarely utilised. I just don't store that much info nor do I load up DVD's to my unit.

When I was grocery shopping recently, I picked up some gowns, underwear, and socks for Mom. Things I am sure she will use. Buying for a 92 year old is not easy. I got my brother a variety of spicy sauces and other fine condiments. We both like to drown our food with sauces of varying degree of heat. A sure fire winner there.He also is a huge fan of Green Olives, especially the ones stuffed with a Jalapeno Slice. He will be pleased.

The pharmacy was out of my Spironolactone tablets when I picked up the bulk of my drugs the other night. I haven't called today, but they should be ready soon. I am on Half Rations until they get them. This has happened before.
 I will have to go and install my temporary spare tire on the Toyota Scion Tc to be able to get around any. I was trying to not use it and keep it as new to enhance the retail price when I sell it, maybe sooner than later. But I will have to wait for the New Year to purchase the belts to repair my Accord though. After my holiday shopping, I am flat. And it raining like hell today.

It was nice last night sitting in the bath tub watching some of my new Big Bang Theory DVD. I usually read news stories  and editorials and occasionally watch a movie or a few episodes of "Burn Notice" or "Grounded For Life" the other TV series that I have collected over the years. I do tend to watch "Mean Girls" too often and "The Brothers Mc Mullen". Ialso tend to watch selections from my Doris Day collection. You just can't go wrong with a classic Doris Day feature. I particularly like "The Thrill Of It All" and "It Happened To Jane" Both which I saw when they were new in theaters. I will have to give my parents credit for taking us to some outstanding theater events back in the late 50's and early 60's. I believe that the experiences tended to round out my young personality but now, just admitting I was there then, really shows my age. I was 63 , Oct 31.

AS depressing as that is, I will not add any more fuel to the fire that is burning all around me on this saddest of days. I only hope you have found love, family, and happiness.

Love, Julia

Dear Santa, I want a Kawasaki KLR 650 for Christmas. Please? Thank you and don't work too hard tonight. Love, Julia

Friday, December 23, 2016

Hewlett Packard, Insomnia, and the Big Bang Theory.

Hi. I hope the holidays have been good so far.

For some persons though, The holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. Missing lost loved ones, remembering the "good old days", all can contribute to depression. I am right in the middle of it.

First of all, let me make a statement on the latest HP computer that I got from walmrt. It is a model 15. $300.00. Pentium, 500gb, and windows 10. Real basic for your average Joe.
Here's the deal. They decided to omit the cooling fan to save costs. No shit. After the old Compaq I had, getting my last HP 15 was wonderful. It was quiet , lighter, and ran cool enough to sit on my bare legs. Not this one. It may say that it is a HP 15, it is nothing like my last one. Totally different chassis. USB ports and headphone jack are all reversed. I took off the keyboard just to see if maybe they just didn't turn on the software that runs the fan. Just a big spot where the fan should be. Cost cutting measures like this I cannot understand. I think next year I am going to find another PC and use this one just for music or recording music using my mixers and audio equipment. It is all PC based and uses alot of memory, storage, and processor. It is a bitch to set all of the mics, and cables up just to tear them down after every time I want to record. No Fan. Insanity. I do have my old cooling pad that i used with the old Compaq. It has 2 fans and runs off of a USB port. Better than an overheated unit. It just shuts down with no warning when it gets hot.

Today finds me trying to ignore the internal struggle going on in my head. Lost loves, Lost time, dead parents, Friends, job, my own place, all lost. I finally realised that my mother only speaks to me when she wants something. All questions and statements to her from me are totally ignored. It sucks to be telling your own mother something important, and she turns her head, or sticks the headphones back on her head. She has wireless headphones for the TV and others for her books on tape. She seems to always have one or the other on. And If I make a gesture for her to take them off because I need to speak to her, I am met with angry looks and deep frowns. Rips my heart out.

Yesterday, my mother had a doctors appointment.  I have never been asked to drive her there. Guess why? So no housekeeper, no slamming microwave door, and no loud talking in the Kitchen, which is right next to my room. I slept from about 9:30 am till 5:30 pm. The first time I have slept a decent amount since I can't remember. Most days, I sleep maybe 2 hours in the afternoon, 2 or 3 in the evening sitting in the chair in the room with mother, and an hour or so around midnight, 1 am. I know this is bad for me but I have no choice. My mother falls or slides out of her bed almost weekly. She lays there until she is finally forced to push her Live-net button and call for help.Even with my door open, I could not hear her call me from her room as it is on the opposite end of the house. The last few times, we had to call the paramedics out to pick her up and get her back in bed. I can't pick her up.
So when she is in bed, I am always up and awake. Always listening for another episode. She needs to be put in a nursing home but she says she will never let it happen.
It will happen as soon as I could move out. My brother and his evil mate are "so very busy" and we only see them on the weekends. After the dine out, never to ask us or to offer to bring take out. They are both very selfish people.

I just started collecting the Big Bang Theory on DVD. I got my first one this week. My DVR/satellite receiver has been trying to quit working. It just goes out like when the power goes out. Has to go through its initial startup which takes a bit of time. I also noticed that the piece of shit has been losing some of my recorded programs. It most recently lost all 120(?) episodes of Burn Notice. If I hadn't already bought them on DVD, I would have tossed it in the bin for good. I have been transferring any important programs over to an external hard drive to be ready when it finally burns up and I can call Dish Network out to put another one in. I am not a fan of Dish. Their satellite based Internet is very expensive, and from what I hear and read, they are just the worst company ever to work for . Massive turnover rate. Treat their employees like shit. ....but aren't all companies like that now?

I have been thinking about making a small home based, renewable power source. Just enough to run the electronics, and the lights in my room. A small solar array, maybe a wind turbine, and of course the batteries and inverter. It will not be connected to the house wiring. There are many reasons for me to seriously consider doing this.
We have blackouts weekly. Flickering current, brownouts, and those metered shutoffs that happen for exactly one or two hours. We are on the end of a long power grid. I mean my brother is actually the last person on the line. The power is sold by a Co-Op that buys it from the Dallas power grid, over 150 miles away. This stretch of road was the last 5 miles of farm road to get electricity back in the early 1960's. This part of the county was not populated by more than a few farmers until the 1970's. there are three other "end of the line" situations within a few miles of here. There is power coming into this area from Shreveport, La, Tyler Tx, and a grid known as Texas-New Mexico power that I know little about. None of then interconnect. And they are all unreliable being end of the line runs.

And my mother says she is going to start charging me for rent and utilities. At 93 yes old, is that dementia, or just hate. She accepts my transitioning but I know she doesn't like it. If I am not dressed in female specific clothes with makeup, I look petty much the same as I always have. I putter around the house in T-Shirts, sweats, and shorts. The long hair and the breasts do give me away though. They are not small and impossible to minimise. She says she can't see but sometime I wonder...........

My other reason for wanting my own power source is I am not that sure that our economy will not crater out under the new administration. Or maybe massive inflation, or power companies just going out of business. I saw Michael Moore on MSNBC with Lawrence O'Donnel last night and although his prognosis of life under the new guy is bad times, he failed to make any particular cold and hard predictions on any future events. Just that it will happen, and it will probably continue to get worse.

About this blog entry, I will check for errors later. I am getting kinda lightheaded and weird from lack of sleep. More later.

Love, Julia

Thursday, December 22, 2016

TWO of my older post seems to have become more relevant and serious............

Our future head of government went off today and started talking some crazy shit about nuclear weapons. I don't need to tell you that he is insane.

Just reread my earlier post about this ominous situation. And pray.

Or maybe all of us find some way of getting him and Pence out of Washington.

He is not making any friends with the Jewish people either. Pray some more.

Love always, Julia

Daily Decisions. Persistent Questions.

My mothers moron housekeeper has slammed the microwave door about 10,000 time this morning. She is 34 and has very limited experience in kitchens. When my mother asked her to cook a pot of pinto beans, we learned she has never cooked anything more than soup from a can. It seems her mother never kept a house either. 

Do I get out of bed or just lay there, seething in my anger,

The only chair that I can sit in in the living room is broken. My father wore out the lay-z-boy years before I moved up here. The way he sat down was akin to dropping a 180lb sack of dad in the chair with no finesse or grace. that was dad.

The springs in the bottom were fatigued. My fat ass finally broke them. But I still manage to fall asleep in it daily.

Do I have my wakeup soda or do I go for the lemon-aid today?

(I just realised that this blog entry has turned into quite a rant. Sorry. Just stating facts.)

I watch Buster Kitty chase crickets daily it seems. The mild autumn has left us with a bumper crop and it is his job and pleasure to chase each one, pounce on it until it is without limbs. or just beats it to where it will surely expire within hours. He is big, black, strong, and as fun as a year old cat can be. Everything is new, all of the other cats are easy prey. The other boys race him but my girls will have none of it. He usually makes a low pass near them and comes back for the hit. He never has a chance. Usually a single swat will fix his wagon. He slinks away.

I am sick to death of commercials for prescription drugs for people that have psoriasis. I don't have it. I don't think that you can catch it because I think it is an autoimmune disease. Every channel. They must have an incredible advertising budget. I am sure their unbelievable high cost to the consumer will cover our misery of the repeated airings.I have even seen them on Nickelodeon.  Is this something children are concerned with? Psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and cancer are big moneymakers for the drug companies. These prescription drugs are only for a narrow audience. But they spend billions on TV spots. And we have to pay out the ass for them. I wonder if anyone has actually ever said to their doctor, " Is Latuda right for me? "  They seem to want everyone to ask their doctor.

Is WTBS going to air 3 hours of Big Bang tonight? Quite a few nights are filled with Sheldons childishness and those earlier episodes are filled with Kaley's enviable figure. Something that they no longer "feature" on the show. So long to tank tops and tight pants and short dresses.....There is a huge love hate thing going on there. Of course, I have 217 episodes on the DVR and many times before I try to fall asleep, I cue up a dozen or so to bore me to sleep and hit autoplay.  Familiarity equals boredom, in most later episodes.
And in one episode the girls are all at Kaley's apartment while Amy F Fowler (Mayim Bialik, Blossom, My Favorite girl on the show) readies for a date. She slips off her heels and asks  Penny if she can borrow some of her higher heels as the guy she is seeing is quite tall. Here comes the male written dialog that a woman would never say......."Oh, I threw out all of my tall ones (heels) after Leonard and I got married"
No woman in the world, that is normal, would ever say that,

Quick, what color are Penny's eyes?

I have developed what is called an "Enhanced Startle Response'" I scream every time I am startled. MY mom thinks I am faking it. Truth is  I am so nervous, and constantly on the defense because of the continual daily hammering I get from mom. Two women in a house that used to be run by her but now she is too feeble but she will not relinquish any control to me. Of course, being alone approximately 20 hours a day, in alot of silence, has kinda conditioned me to get used to it being quiet. And she is the loudest, 92 year old woman anywhere. No manual action is done with any finesse or grace. And I creep around here like a monk. Jumpy just barely begins to describe me.

I went to get massive groceries tonight. All I got from the experience was a car full of food, and a wrenched knee. The same one I tore up back in 1974-75 that was subjected to an outdated surgery courtesy of the USAF, and it has gotten progressively worse through the years. It gets old.

I also lost both of the "fan" belts on my baby Accord tonight. That's what I get for buying off brand shit from AUTOZONE back 5 years ago. ( please realise that I have put about 1500 miles on her since the refurbishment)  Their parts are overpriced and very cheaply made. Take it from me. Now I will have to find some quality belts online, possibly from the Honda dealer in Rhode Island(?) that I have done business with before. Quick delivery and no tax or shipping. My Cassandra (her name) deserves the best. I sparked home on the battery which at only a few weeks old, was not a problem. But replacing the belts on that particular, sideways mounted engine, is no picnic. Meanwhile, I am rockin' the old shoeleather express. My Toyota Scion Tc still sits in the driveway with a flat with four new tires in the house ready to install, and my 79 Pontiac Phoenix has a bad brake booster. I have a replacement but it also, is a bitch to replace. But the old girl runs. She always runs. Small block Chevrolet powered hot - rods never have any problems. Well, mine never does. She stops also, with both feet mashing the brake pedal as hard as I can. OK on the highway, but not for city use. I need to get busy and do some repairs.

Bi-Polar disorder makes it impossible to get things done. I just sit at home, staring at the wall, not doing shit. Being transgender is limiting enough. And I am not exactly a kid anymore. Age really slows you down.

Nothing more for now. I am just hanging on, trying to get through the holidays, and dealing with my mothers mood swings. She is very bi-polar, just like her youngest kid, Me. But she doesn't recognise it and cannot understand her moods which is something we m/d people have to learn lest we piss off everyone we come into contact with. I learned long ago when to stay home in the closet and when to restrain myself when I am in a manic tear. And drugs never really helped me. Zoloft was a non working compound as was lithium carbonate. Dr pepper, chips, and Mexican food work much better. And playing guitar helps alot too. On that same subject, I finally found out the cause of the mangled nail on my left pinkie. It just seems to crumble unlike most of my other nails. A few years ago, I shattered the large joint on that finger trying to hold up an entire motorcycle with one finger. (not on purpose) The joint just exploded. I have had a time getting it loosened up enough to play accurately and properly. all good players use all 4 fingers. I had to relearn to play through the pain until it became acclimated to holding down strings again. One bad nail is worth the price.

Enough. Be safe out there. Act nice.
Love, Julia

Listen to this.         

Xmas radio fun from back in my day.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Words and Things

Having fun yet? Does it get better?

Additional info, about 12 hours after posting this........................

I happened to look at the STATS pages for my blogs. I haven't written much lately. But it seems my blog was/is getting quite a bit of attention from the former Soviet Union. In light of recent revelations of hacking and illegal activities by the Russian Government, I am taking my blog posts off line until further notice. I have always been a bit trepid and shaky about sharing very personal information about myself and my life with the public.
I will not delete this blog, I will leave a placeholder so it will stay active and I may continue to post info and stories of a more benign nature. Thanks. Julia

At least it is winter here in North America.
Hot weather sucks.
But what we call winter here in south central USA isn't even close to what the northern states are experiencing. Send some down here.

I lived in Cheyenne for 2 years back in the 1970's. Had a '73 Volkswagen and I was never bothered by inclement weather. I had grown up in Dallas where I had snowed maybe 4 times in my life. I still like snow.

I had a tire blowout on the Scion Tc. Left rear. Actually, it was the only "good" tire on the car. A Pirelli P7 Centurato. The others are some Uniroyal cheap things.
I have only put about 1500. miles on the car since I bought it a year ago last September. I don't get out much.
I wasn't about to try and put on the spare as it had rained quite alot recently and the roadsides were very soft and wet. So I drove on the grass while the car idled in first gear, I knew the tire was ruined but the deflated casing would protect the 17'' alloy wheel and I was only about 5 miles from home. 8 pm on a weeknight. Never saw another car.
The Scion has sat on the driveway since then. I really don't want to put the,  here to unused, "temporary tire" on the ground as it is new and pristine and I hope it will help elevate the price when I sell it. Which may be sooner than later.
I went home and put the battery charger on my 91 Accord. The battery had began to fail back in the spring at precisely the batteries 3 year birthday. It was a 36 month battery. I knew it could hold a charge long enough to get to town and get a new one. Wallmatrrt "installed" a new one with a nice 5 year warranty.
The old girl actually drives nicer than the "special" Toyota does. I had done extensive renewal and refurbishment procedures on her after I got her. Brakes, shocks/struts/wheel bearings, timing belt, water pump, brakes, tires, etc. She drives remarkably well for having 269,000 miles on her. Honda builds them tough. Still gets over 30 MPG. Not bad for a $300 craigslist car.
All of this wouldn't be so stupid if I didn't have a new set of tires for the Tc here in the house. I just had not gotten around to having them put on yet. Still haven't.

I have greatly altered my TV schedule. Nothing but bad news about idiotic things our president elect is planning on doing as soon as he get inaugurated. But that may not happen.

I am getting my news on line now. If I have to hear and see that motherfucker again, I may pull an Elvis and shoot the TV. Somebody needed to punch that bullies lights out in an earlier year of his life. Now at 70, he thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Those who voted for him will soon realise their mistake and those who didn't will still have to suffer.

We were told that society was going to progress and life would get better as we grew older. It isn't happening because somebody forgot to study and get an education and someone else didn't take the opportunity to punch out the people who are against common sense and decency. Republicans. To me, saying that word is like the feeling I get while I puke.

And why doesn't Mitch McConnell just come out already?

The big bang theory has "Jumped The Shark" It really is suffering now. As are it's viewers. I just found that "Hill Street Blues" has been released on DVD. I need that series. But for $115.00?  And no closed captioning? Pass.

Every time my brothers wife sends some concoction down here for us to eat, we get sick. 3 times now recently. ........I had gone to get supplies tonight and I was hit with the "sister-in-laws revenge" after about 5 minutes in the door. I drove back home, without any supplies other than cat food. 70 miles of driving for nothing. My gut still hurts. And I have to try and go back asap because we are getting down to bare shelves.
My mother seems to be fading away faster every day. She can't remember anything. Loud shouting is the only way she can understand me. She says that I mumble? I was an on air radio personality for over 15 years and I am sure my diction is outstanding......sour grapes........ Getting old sucks for everyone. You had better Wang Chung while you can. There are no chances to repeat those past chapters.
A 2008 Toyota Scion Tc

I am planning on selling the Scion soon. For as little as I drive, a newish car is just a waste. And the Honda is very nice to drive and needs nothing and is so much cheaper to own and drive.

I was on the old Yahoo Messenger a few years ago and someone asked me what I liked to do for fun. This stopped me cold in my tracks and sent me on a mind quest that I had not ever contemplated before.  I have always worked at something in my adult life as my way of fun or a hobby. Cars, motorcycles, house maint. All of my activities seemed to be some kind of work/hobby. I guess that so much of my life has been spent alone, I had just learned how to only do things that did not require any one else. One thing that I did really like to do was ride my motorcycle. I haven't been riding in 25 years.
And watching TV is killing me. It's the commercials. the same ones for years now. How stupid do they think we are? I try to watch only time shifted shows that I record on the DVR. Zap those commercials out.Why do I need to be told about some I V  drug for psoriasis or some other thing that I am never going to suffer with. Enough already.

Justin Hayward is my all time favorite vocalist. He is also very cool.

Kawasaki and Suzuki have a few bikes that look interesting. So do BMW, and Ducati but we have to be realistic, don't we?

No more beef stew or casseroles from the evil one. Watching Mila Kunis on That 70's show keeps my head in the clouds. Kelso, Hyde, and Fez are actually much more fun that Leonard, Rejesh, Howard, and SHELDON.
 I say that we start using the word SHELDON  instead of shit from now on. 'I think one of the cats just took a SHELDON in it's litter box. What have I been feeding them?

Anyway, keep your head down. Cook all foods to at least 160 degrees to kill all pathogens. I am shooting for around 200. Mila wears the cutest things....and her shoes!..  so cute

I hope you survive the "holidays"

Love, Julia